MilliCare - Need More Mileage From Your Office Furniture? Discover MilliCare .

Need More Mileage From Your Office Furniture? Discover MilliCare .

Need More Mileage From Your Office Furniture? Discover MilliCare .

Office furniture can be incredibly expensive to replace. Say only a few chairs on one floor are looking noticeably dingy, but all the other matching chairs on the floor look fine. When you call the manufacturer to replace the few chairs, however, you find that specific style is no longer in production. Are your only options to have mismatched chairs or shell out a significant amount of money to replace every chair on the floor?

Fortunately, you do have a better option! If your indoor assets look like their better days are in the rearview mirror, certain cleaning methods may bring them back to life. Before diving into the solution for dingy office furniture, however, let’s talk about why it degrades so fast in the first place.

If Office Furniture Had an Odometer … Can You Imagine?

You’ve probably heard that as soon as you drive a new car off the lot, its value depreciates considerably. The same might be said of office furnishings. The moment people start to use them, they begin to take on wear and tear.

Consider chairs, for example. They’re the bulk of most office furniture and one of the most used workplace items. They’re also horribly abused. People sit in them for hours, often while eating and drinking. Chairs are coughed on. Sneezed on. Maltreated, mistreated, and banged against desks. Yikes.

Despite all the wear and tear your office furniture takes on, however, you likely have an option for creating a fresher space that doesn’t involve replacing furniture altogether. Your first response should be to hire a professional cleaning service provider like MilliCare .

Can Cleaning Office Furnishings Really Make a Difference?

It seems almost too good to be true that you could prevent or erase the ravages of time by having your chairs, cubicles, and other furnishings cleaned at least once annually. Believe us, though: Our technicians do it all the time. MilliCare’s proprietary technique doesn’t involve aggressively attacking office furniture with harsh chemicals or heavy abrasion. Rather, our focus is on giving office furnishings the attention they deserve.

We use a low-water restorative cleaning process on fabrics that’s proven to make a difference in the overall appearance of the material as well as the indoor air quality of the surrounding space. We also apply disinfectant and deodorizer to fabrics and other surfaces to rid grime and residue. And as a finishing touch, we leave literature behind so employees and visitors know when and how the furniture was cleaned.

The bottom line is that you can save money without sacrificing a high-quality worksite. All furniture needs to be maintained, even if it has fiber protectant or is considered stain-resistant. Bringing in MilliCare about every 12 months provides a low-cost way to breathe life back into older furnishings.

Deterioration happens. Dust collects. And furniture ages. Still, you don’t have to toss out soiled, well-worn chairs and cubicle walls. That’s expensive — and usually unnecessary. Get in touch with a MilliCare technician today to see how we can help make your old furniture look new again.


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