MilliCare - What Are MilliCare Benefits for Libraries?

What Are MilliCare Benefits for Libraries?

One of the top priorities of library managers is to ensure the health and wellbeing of both employees and patrons. Being open to the public’s constant foot traffic can make cleanliness a challenge, so it’s important to find a cleaning partner uniquely suited to meet the demands of library maintenance. MilliCare is one of those perfect partners. Here are four ways MilliCare provides exceptional benefits for libraries.

Dry cleaning methods

With the abundance of books, magazines and electronics, moisture is one of the biggest threats to a library. MilliCare ’s dry-centered approach uses 99% less water than competitive systems, making it one of the safest cleaning methods for libraries. Avoiding water doesn’t merely reduce the chance of mold and mildew growth; it also saves libraries significant resources. All MilliCare products and methods are certified environmentally responsible and effective, helping ensure libraries stay safe for everyone and everything in the building.

Flexible schedules

Libraries that are open long hours can struggle to find time to schedule their necessary cleaning. MilliCare technicians schedule around those hours, frequently coming in at night to maintain libraries. If accidents happen, MilliCare technicians respond quickly to address interim needs. And the dry-centered approach that MilliCare employs on carpets has a quick dry time, keeping all sections of the library up and running.

Textile services

Because library reading rooms often provide services to a wide range of children and adults, keeping upholstered chairs and other textiles clean can be tough. MilliCare textile care removes dirt, dust and allergens from any areas that contain fabrics, like furniture, draperies and partitions. Textile services not only extend the life of library furniture but also help ensure a spotless environment for visitors and employees.

Zone entry systems

Libraries receive a significant amount of foot traffic every single day. The MilliCare zone entry system uses a three-tiered approach to help stop dirt and soil at the door. Trapping the dirt at the entrance ensures it won’t extend into the building farther than it has to and that libraries stay clean and fresh.

Libraries provide unique services for the public and in return require unique cleaning approaches. MilliCare provides library facilities with a total clean, from air to textiles to flooring care, keeping libraries fresh on a flexible schedule. Learn more about MilliCare ’s services for libraries here.


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