MilliCare - 3 Ways to Discourage Mold Growth and Boost the Cleanliness of Your Commercial Space

3 Ways to Discourage Mold Growth and Boost the Cleanliness of Your Commercial Space

3 Ways to Discourage Mold Growth and Boost the Cleanliness of Your Commercial Space

More than ever, employees and employers are conscious of the cleanliness of the facilities where they work. One thing you definitely don’t want in your buildings right now is mold.

Not only could a mold problem damage your reputation and cost a lot of money to remediate, but it can also lower the indoor air quality of your facility — which could negatively impact the health of your occupants. Employees who suffer from health problems related to workplace mold issues might even have cause to file workers’ compensation claims to cover their medical treatment and lost wages.

Another concern related to mold in the workplace is that it can come back if the underlying reason it developed isn’t fixed. Mold grows in moisture-rich atmospheres where humidity registers at 55% or higher. Consequently, areas containing mold previously must be monitored regularly to avoid future mold recurrences.

Reducing mold breeding grounds

Mold can be a big problem for business. But the good news is that it’s preventable, especially with MilliCare ’s help. Here are a few steps that can help you keep your spaces free of mold — and help keep your building occupants happy and healthy:

1. Opt for dry carpet cleaning methods.

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning leaves textile surfaces wet for an extended period of time, and damp conditions encourage mold growth. On the other hand, cleaning systems that use dry polymers — MilliCare ’s process requires 99.5% less water than wet extraction methods — get carpeting spotless without leaving fibers soggy. Plus, dry carpet cleaning allows employees, shoppers, and vendors to use the newly cleaned space immediately.

2. Stay attuned to early signs of mold.

Catching mold early on can prevent the problem from becoming bigger and more difficult to manage later. Common warning signs for mold include an earthy, musty smell, as well as brown, white, yellow, or black spots.

If you do discover mold, hire a remediation team to take care of it immediately. Workers who hear about mold in their offices will feel more comfortable returning to work if they know experts have taken all the necessary steps to remove it.

3. Have carpets and floors deep cleaned regularly.

To prevent long-term mold damage to carpets, as well as the chance of abrasive soil being buried deep into the carpet backing, maintain a predictable dry cleaning schedule for all floors. A MilliCare technician can look at your space and determine foot traffic patterns to help you generate the best cleaning calendar to follow.

Especially as people are thinking about cleanliness and hygiene more than ever during COVID-19, it’s important to consider how to make your building as clean and welcoming as possible. There’s no place for mold in that plan. But mold problems are preventable. Reach out to MilliCare today to speak with a team member about dry carpet cleaning for your commercial space.


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